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Moonbase Design is a service oriented software development company. While providing consulting services to various industries, we saw opportunities where customized software would improve efficiency and workflow, and used our expertise in those industries to design relevant, effective solutions.

We can work with you to build or implement systems to organize your data, work collaboratively with your team, and bring your next big idea to life. 


We have created online custom tools and information management systems for big game companies such as Electronic Arts, Rockstar Vancouver, Capcom Vancouver, and United Front Games. Coming from these intense work environments, we bring invaluable experience to the creation of a collaborative, non-blocking online management systems for any group or team. 




We can help your company move towards a seamless localization management process with our in-depth industry experience. After years of localization management within big video game companies, we developed our own robust management platform to remove the stress and missed deadlines commonly associated with complex localization processes. 


Máni™ is a web-based translation management tool that ensures game production teams will complete localization on time and on budget. For big teams or small, Máni™ will scale to fit your needs.

Product tested within an independent AAA video game developer, Máni™ easily manages any number of translations, and the thousands of transactions necessary to get the job done. It supports remote users logging in from around the globe - working collaboratively, in real-time to complete a project. A single producer can run the system, leaving the development team free to do what they do best. Management always has a measure of the project progress, and can accurately see when the project will be complete.


​Moonbase provides the know-how, processes and tools to manage and streamline your SR&ED submission. With 15 years of experience writing SR&ED technical reports,  and a 100% success rate, our submissions are accurate, defensible and are executed with the least disruption to your teams working on innovation. 

Our services are paired with Command Module™; our own innovative cloud based tool. It's your solution to a hassle free maximum tax credit. Whether you want us to just set it up for you to do your own SR&ED submission,  or hire us to run your SR&ED claim end-to-end, we have a solution that fits your unique situation and budget. 


We recently developed a globally scalable video-on-demand and livestream video system that takes advantage of recent developments made available in the core AWS technology. We can utilize our knowledge of the complex and ever-changing world of AWS web services to help build or enhance your own platform.

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