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We work directly with customers and business stakeholders to help design and implement high performance software solutions. We can pull the process flow and database layout out of a conversation with a customer, translate business needs into practical requirements, and manage the team of developers to hit delivery targets.

We have an extensive network of highly skilled and specialized developers, designers and engineers that we collaborate with to complete projects with a range of requirements.

  • Continuous localization management for large and small teams.

  • SR&ED project management, consulting and database design.

  • Linux, AWS web services, Ansible, LAMP stack, Node, VueJs

  • Collaborative workflow design

  • UX/UI design and prototype development


Lawrence Sparling, P.Eng
Owner and Tech Lead

Lawrence has been designing web-based business production systems for 20 years. He specializes in collaborative workflow management -- literally getting every member of a team "working off the same page" of priorities, leading to huge savings in production costs.

Coming from an eclectic background in technology and art, this underscores the importance of data visualization as the foundation of solid UX, and has guided my tool designs to manage complex data sets. Production status at a glance -- an extremely powerful combination.

Lawrence and his team look forward to solving your company's database management challenges. 

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