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Built and tested in complex and high pressure environments, for big teams in multiple locations, these systems are heavy lifters, designed and tested for significant results.

All of the products listed are available for licensing and customization to suit your company's needs.

Contact us for more information about these systems, and how they can help you save time and money.

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When a video game is created, it is eventually published in multiple languages. Managing this process is extremely complex and time consuming, and often creates missed deadlines towards the completion of a game. Product tested within a huge video game production company, Máni easily manages any number of translations, with thousands of transactions importing and exporting simultaneously. It supports many users logging in from around the globe, working in real-time together to complete a project. All of this activity can easily be overseen by one person, who can easily manage the progress of all aspects of the localization process, with the peace of mind that they always know what is going on, and when the project will be complete.

​“I’ve used many localization databases across a variety of projects, ranging from a simple Excel sheet to complex web-based systems. None of them matched Máni’s impressive feature set and versioning system custom-tailored for localization management. Máni let us focus more on shipping our game, and less on managing translations.”

 Ben Sullivan, Localization coordinator on Sleeping Dogs (Associate Producer Localization and Online)

“When you’ve got a project in which timely completion is just as important as cost, you need to consider all aspects of the game in advance. Now days you need to ship globally on day one in all territories and all languages, so localization is now part of the critical path. We needed to manage 17 different languages, and the only solution that worked for us and allowed us to hit our deadline was the well-thought out solution of Máni™ from Moonbase. It saved our ass.”

Paul Tremblay, Former Director, Business Development,  United Front Games 
Referring to the localization of ModNation™ Racers (United Front Games and Sony (SCEA)) 

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With Autopilot™, we can confidently say you will know your HR priorities at a glance. 
That's sabbaticals, parental leave, comp time, compassionate leave, vacation, unpaid leave, sick time and work from home. That's prorating accrual rates, predicting company liability, following up on sick leave and handling union and non-union accruals. Managing the reality of the modern workplace. Whether you have 5 people, 500 or 5000, Autopilot™ can help.

Why Autopilot™? We know that when we introduced this tool to a company of 250 employees, a full time admin employee, who had been consumed by vacation management and liabilities was freed up by 80% of her normal workload to work directly on the company's core business. That is worth real money.


Pecking Order® is collaborative cloud-based software for diagnostic lab management in the agriculture industry. Includes veterinary prescription management to comply with recent changes to Canadian Government Law with regards to medication of animals. 

  • Facilitates effective collaboration

  • Veterinary prescription management 

  • Automatic cost tracking. 

  • Cross-platform and distributable

  • Includes a substantial "Samples" subsystem 

  • PDF Client Reports

  • Automated reminders and timers.

  • Searchable database

  • Extendable & Customizable

" The software that we use from Moonbase has become a key tool in our diagnostic data management and facilitates our multiuser, concurrent workflows from anywhere we have access to the internet. The programs are intuitive and our staff has been able to learn the system with little training which we now handle internally. The visual escalation feature sorts the cases we are working on by team, colour coding the services within the case and can see exactly what needs to be done by which group. The teams and statuses we have defined allows us to share a workflow across our team and from any location without version or access problems we used to struggle with. The end result of implementing this software  platform is that we have overcome many of the bottlenecks in our case management system. Being able to login to the main dashboard and see what cases are open and which team is getting behind or where bottlenecks in the work flow are allows me to direct the team as needed and also to add resources before we face problems. Having all case work and status of completion on a shared view brings an element of accountability to the shared work flow which is invaluable."

Dr. Tom Inglis, Head Vet at Poultry Health Services

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