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Command Module is a cloud-based application to track research activities and organize documentation of SR&ED claims.

Maximize SR&ED rebates while spending minimal time doing so.

“When preparing our SR&ED text documentation, we wanted to find the right balance between maximizing our SR&ED tax benefits, and maximizing the use of our employees time. With Moonbase Design’s Command Module™ approach, we were able to have a very healthy SR&ED tax return with minimal disruption to our key employees. Keeping our most senior, expensive employees working for our clients, instead of preparing our tax documentation, was invaluable.”
Paul Tremblay, Former Director (Business Development), United Front Games

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  • Easy interface to guide CRA through a technical audit.

  • Easily demonstrate the link between project report activities and hours claimed. 

  • Companies with a proper SR&ED process in place are more successful with SR&ED applications.

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  • Catch billable details with better organization which would otherwise missed.

  • Modify report arguments to include more eligible time.

  • Strategically choose project start and end dates.

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  • Reduce the time spent by employees to record time and organize documentation.

  • Spend less time managing the successful preparation, completion and defence of your claim.

  • In the event of an audit, save countless hours providing the documentation to defend your claim.

  • For software developers, the system can be anchored to source control software to make project logging as easy as possible. 

SR&ED doesn't have to be painful.

Pain in the World of  SR&ED

  • CRA is performing audits more frequently.

  • Revenue loss due to audits can average 40% of claims which are audited.

  • An audit can add 40 hours of administrative overburden to a claim.

  • Claims are usually done retroactively, and under tight time frames.

  • Compliance for client documentation is low because the process is poorly defined.

  • Employee logging costs client’s company money.

  • Spreadsheets are cumbersome, prone to errors, and difficult to verify

We treat SR&ED tracking as project management, which is why our approach is so successful.

With Command Module, you can:

  • Visualize your SR&ED progress.

  • Quickly identify log anomalies and errors.

  • Use our optional vacation management tool that integrates into the SR&ED logs.

  • Easily estimate the time required for team members to organize SR&ED documentation.

  • Maintain an archive of past SR&ED reports.

  • Provide a verifiable link between hours claimed and the t661 project reports.

  • Relax and focus on the rest of your business.

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